Vegetarians eat delicious salads with fruits and berries too. Sweet products help
to create original dishes. Such salads are successfully supplemented with
vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices.

Fruits, Pine Nuts and Mint Salad

2 yellow kiwis
2 green kiwis
2 tangerines
2 tsp. honey
2 tsp. lemon juice
pine nuts
sprig of mint
Wash and clean kiwis. Cut cubes and transfer them into a deep saucer. Peel the
tangerine. Divide into slices, then cut. Add tangerines to kiwi. Mix honey,
lemon juice and cinnamon in the separate container. Mix well and dress fruit
with sauce. Finally, add cedar nuts and mint leaves to the dish to taste.

Fruits and Sprouts Buckwheat Salad

1 banana
1 orange
1 carrot
100 g green buckwheat
20 g raisins
20 g nuts (your choice)
Put green buckwheat in a deep dish and barely cover it with room temperature
water. Cover container with the damp paper towel and set aside for a few days.
Check the groats several times a day. Mix and, if necessary, additionally moisten
or change the paper. Sprouts usually appear on the third day, but it is better to
wait five or six days. Buckwheat sprouts are not acceptable until they have green
leaves. After sprouting, rinse well with cold water. Drain, and place sends
buckwheat sprouts on a deep plate.
Wash and clean vegetables and fruits. Cut carrots and banana into rounds. Feel
free to experiment with their shape. Add them to the seedlings. Clean the orange
on a plate to collect the juice. Then press gently and cut into circles. Add orange
slices to the other ingredients. Add raisins and your choice of nuts. Dress salad
with orange juice.

Fruits and Berries in Orange Juice Salad

1 cup strawberries
1 cup sweet cherries
0.5 glass of blueberries
1 red apple
1 peach
1 kiwi
1 glass of orange juice
2 tbsp. lemon juice
Wash and halve the cherries. Remove the pits. Put cherries on a deep plate.
Then, wash and cut strawberries into quarters. Add strawberries to the cherries.
Added washed blueberries. Wash, cut, and peel the apple, peach, and kiwi. Add
the pieces to the other ingredients. Mix all fruits and berries. Pour orange juice
over fruit mixture. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Let the salad soak up the
citrus, and then drain the juice. Eat chilled

Blueberries and Greens Salad

100 g blueberry
100 g green peas
1 cucumber
100 ml coconut cream
green onion
1 tsp. poppy seed
1 tsp. honey
1 tbsp. lemon juice
2 tbsp. olive oil
ground black pepper
Wash and cut the cucumber. Put on a deep plate. Add green peas and blueberries.
Wash, cut and add other ingredients. Top salad with dressing and mix well.
Mix poppy seeds, coconut cream, honey, lemon juice, olive oil, a pinch of salt
and black ground pepper to taste.

Avocado, Prunes and Poppy Seeds Salad

1 avocado
50 g prunes
50 g iceberg lettuce
1 tsp. poppy seeds
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
ground black pepper
Wash and finely chop the iceberg lettuce. Place in the bottom of a dish. Wash,
peel and cut avocado into smooth slices. Place slices on top of the lettuce. Cut
prunes and add to the dish. Drizzle the ingredients with vegetable oil. Add salt
and, pepper to taste and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

Tropical Fruits Salad

1 pineapple
2 mangoes
2 bananas
0.5 cups pomegranate seeds
2 tbsp. sweet coconut shavings
Wash, peel and cut pineapple, mango and bananas into medium cubes. Put fruits
in a deep plate. Add the pomegranate seeds to the dish, mix and let stand for
several hours in the refrigerator. Sprinkle with coconut flakes before eating.

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